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Santorini Wedding Suppliers

Discover our recommended Santorini Wedding Suppliers and service providers who are available to work directly with you for Your Santorini Wedding. We aim to have all the information in one place to make it easier for you to review.  Therefore we have created a shortlist of professional wedding suppliers in Santorini, offering  you everything you will need to create the wedding of your dreams.

Service Providers in Santorini

We work in partnership with the best wedding photographers in Santorini to capture your most magical moments and keep them alive forever. We can offer a variety of options for musicians and DJ’s to keep you and your guests entertained, creative hair stylists and talented make-up artists to have you looking your most beautiful and professional catering services if required for your particular venue choice, not to mention transport for you and your guests. The fun doesn’t have to stop after your wedding day because there are many other Santorini Experiences you could arrange to make your wedding unforgettable for your guests such as sunset boat trips, scuba diving, traditional Greek evenings, cocktail parties in Fira, day trips to see more of the Island and much more…

Santorini Wedding Planning

Over the past ten years I have built up close working relationships with trusted, reliable and highly experienced wedding planners in Santorini. Our team in Santorini are happy to look after whatever services you desire and will handle all the relevant paperwork and legalities if you need help with this.  You can relax knowing these all important areas have been taken care of and be confident that you have a professional on-site to ensure all goes smoothly from start to finish allowing you both to fully enjoy the wedding of your dreams. If you prefer to book direct with the suppliers and service providers our wedding planners can work in partnership with them and can coordinate these bookings at your event.


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