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Santorini Wedding Photographer

About Vangelis

Santorini wedding photographer, Vangelis Photography has over 20 years of experience in shooting weddings. His love for photography comes before everything else… enjoying shooting weddings immensely and he considers it a great honour and responsibility at the same time to be the one that the couple chose to tell the story of their special and unique day.

Operating on the island of Santorini as well as all over Greece and abroad. His personal style is a blend of creative documentary, fine-art and editorial. Vangelis adores capturing the joy as well as the poignancy of the day, having as his ultimate goal to create beautiful photos that couples will admire for the rest of their lives.

Using light along with balance and symmetry to create and capture the perfect pictures.  In addition, to framing my subjects within the breath-taking scenery and surrounds making images very atmospheric and more aesthetically appealing.

Vangelis’ services include wedding photography, honeymoon and pre-wedding photo-shoots, individual and bridal portraits etc.