Where to start with planning your Santorini Wedding

Where to start with planning your Santorini Wedding

So, I’m guessing from personal experience that by now you have already dedicated a fair share of your evenings, weekends and precious free time scouring the internet researching all the endless possible wedding

destinations at home and abroad! Hopefully it hasn’t taken too long to get to this point but seriously congratulations for getting this far! Believe me it does get a little easier now that you have found your dream wedding destination and settled on Santorini, Greece…one of the most popular wedding destinations.

My wedding location search began with me considering possible wedding venues at home here in Ireland first but after weeks of looking not one location had piqued my interest even a little and the excitement that I had at the start was slowing turning into disillusionment. Then one evening out of boredom or curiosity I decided to browse destination weddings abroad and up came a typical Santorini Wedding image on my computer screen and it was like a light bulb moment, I knew instantly Santorini was where I wanted to get married. I was determined to make it happen despite being thousands of miles away, not having one word of Greek and no clue where to start with organising a wedding abroad. Not to mention that there were no direct flights to Santorini and more importantly the fact that my mum has a huge fear of flying!

So to help all you Santorini wedding couples navigate quickly through this ‘where to start’ stage, Your Santorini Wedding has consulted with some of the top experts in the industry to seek their valued professional tips and advice on what your first steps should be ; here are their top recommendations …stay tuned for this invaluable advice