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Santorini Civil Weddings

*An application for a civil marriage
This will be arranged by your planner.

*Bride’s and Groom’s passports & chosen witnesses
Copies of name and photo pages needed until you arrive with the original copies.

*Original Birth Certificates for both parties
Full versions required.

*Certificate of Non-Impediment for both parties
This states that you are free to marry and must be dated 3 months or less before the wedding.

*Divorce certificates
If any required.

*All these documents must be officially translated into Greek by a greek consulate.
Your planner will organise someone to do this for a small fee.

*Authenticated Copies
All Paperwork must display apostille stamping.

To be on the safe side I’d advise having all paperwork in at least a month beforehand.

Because there are couples from all over the world deciding to marry in Santorini the legal requirements may differ depending on where you are from. Your wedding planner will advise accordingly. This is one area you do not want to leave to chance get the professionals to organise it for you.

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